Egbeigwe – Love & Light Ep (Albino flash)

Egbeigwe – Love & Light Ep (Albino flash)

Gospel singer, Egbeigwe adds another feather to his cap as he releases his much-anticipated Ep titled “Love & Light Ep (Albino flash)”.

The Ep by Egbeigwe is a collection of the most staggering works by the artist to express his worship of the Almighty God.

His newest Ep also embraces 5 soul-lifting tracks.

“With the careful scripting and professional attention given to this body of works, you’ll be glad you made this trip”. — Egbeigwe.




1.Egbeigwe – Egwu Amala Ubo

2. Egbeigwe – Organic Baby

3. Egbeigwe – Money Stop Nonsense

4. Egbeigwe – Ndu Abani

5. Egbeigwe – We Give Thank

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