Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Startups need a team of dedicated people or managing many aspects of it will overwhelm you (and your co-founders, if there are some) quickly and you won’t be able to continue. So,

  • Define which areas of your startups are weak and need professional help.
  • Recruit corresponding professionals, be as specific as possible and don’t be afraid to be picky to ensure that you’re hiring the perfect candidates. Conduct your interviews to help you understand the context that they are coming from. With the right questions, you will understand if they possess the right skills and if they fit in your startup environment.

Keep in mind that:

  • Strong team members are most valuable since they thrive on solving problems and no strangers to overcoming obstacles.
  • No matter what your startup is about, you will need a designer, someone who designs a product/service; a hacker, the brains behind a product/service; and the hustler, the person who makes it happen.
  • Advisors can also be helpful, especially those who can address specific problems.

As you expand, your startup will move through various phases, so keep your team small for as long as you can. Learn to spot these phases and you’ll be ready to get the perfect individual to take on those tasks.

How To Build a Great Team for A Successful Start-up

By Nmg

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