Reason for stingy men association

Secret Stingy men association revealed

People has been talking about this stingy men association while others are saying that it’s evil, just sit up because the secret of stingy men association revealed.

This trending S.M.A.N on social media has secret and that secret is going to be explain one after the other such as.

Table of content.

  • Reason for stingy men association (SMAN)
  • Top celebrities who has join this SMAN and their ID cards
  • Why you should or should not join this association
  • Advantage and disadvantage of this (SMAN)

Reason for stingy men association

Stingy men association is an association created to figure out the truth in between boys and girls.
By becoming stingy you will be able to get connected to your spiritual life.

Remember once one connect with his or spiritual life then you can be able to notice your week point, the places in your life that you had been messing up.

with this in mind you will amend it and as well stay real to yourself.
Woman are taking much in men but time has come to wise up and convert your recklessness into savings.

but the main purpose for this association is to know what girls can offer and their reason for being in Relationship with you.

Lately it was noticed that girls relates with guys for money, some are for $e* while others can be because their want to marry you.
Now it’s clear that the worst to kill a man is to marry a girl that want to marry for the sake of marriage while the other is for your money.
It’s becoming clear that no woman can stay without a man but girls are claiming that they can stand alone without boys.

then S.M.A.N was introduced to know the real and unreal.
Been stingy can filter somethings it of you such as,
Fake friends
Girlfriend who depends on your money but not you
People who are parasitic in nature.

How stingy men association got started

It’s officially created on 9th of November 2020 by comedian Sir one on one in his comedy Titled (creative challenge) before it got viral.

One on one said that if you can be stingy record your stinginess and hashtag it to #creativechallange.

Top celebrities who has joined stingy men association.

Stingy men association


  1. Don jazzy Marvin

Position: Head of union
Lagos state branch

2. Sounds sultan
Position: unable to dispense Kobo president.
Lagos State brand.

3. Praise Akagum
Position: operation officer
Lagos State branch

4. Mr Eazi
Position: Brand ambassador
Accra Ghana branch

5. K-Solo
Position: Advisory unit
Abuja branch

6. Dr Crazy Clown
Position: Disciplinary officer
Lagos State branch

Why you should or should not join S.M.A.N

There are tons of reason why you should or shouldn’t join this association depending on your beliefs.

somepeople believe that it’s evil society while others sees it the normal way we discussed above here when others are busy talking different kinds of things about it, like modern way of initiation.

So weather to join or not to join depends on your mindset.

if you can not see it as joke and trendings then please don’t do it because it may affect you.

This is all you need to know about the Secret of stingy men association revealed in this post.

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