What To DO To Make Progress Daily

Believe me, three or four times a week, my dad would ask me the SAME question over and over again…

Hector, will you be working on the urgent or the important?”

“I know dad,” and I would repeat one of his favorite quotes:

“Today I will be in control, and I won’t let the urgent take over what’s important.”

“Alright!” He would say with a tone of satisfaction. “And remember to write those priorities down, don’t lose focus!”

“Yes dad… yes, I got it!” I would answer with a tone of annoyance.

My father was always worried about how he used his time, and I get it — it’s very easy to let the urgencies of life take over — and we will NEVER take care of what’s important.

Now, what should you do to make progress everyday?

Avoid working like a “firefighter,” continuously solving only the urgent — and focus on the important, that’s how you’ll make progress, and very commonly, the urgent takes care of itself.

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