Sun. Oct 24th, 2021
Masterkraft – Abeykehh Ft. Diamond Platnumz, Flavour

For mature minds only. It’s freaky Friday!

Call me “Child of the world” I agree, but I must tell you this. Some T*T* too sweet abeg.😭😫

I remember promising a girl iPhone 11 due to the sweetness of her “Meow”. The moment I ejaculated, e clear for my eye.😫

Let’s me drop some freaky Friday S*x Positions for you. My favorites. Try it and thank me later.😁

👉🏿Legs Over Shoulders

This one looks exactly like it sounds; your partner lies on their backs, legs spread wide and placed on your shoulders while you enter. You can even introduce a vibrator here, easy access. Aswear e make sense die!😂

👉🏿The Pretzel

Even though this sounds like something you would have to be a professional contortionist to attempt, it is not as difficult as all that.

Your partner lies on their left side, while you kneel and straddle their left leg. Their right leg then goes around your waist.

To visualize this sex position, imagine open scissors, with you in between the two long blades. This one offers the deep penetration of the doggy style while also providing the face to face intimacy of missionary position. No matter how deep her Meow is, she must feel it.

What are you waiting for then, go get your pretzel on!

Now answer my question.

FREAKY FRIDAY!! When The P*ssy Is Too Sweet, What Do You Say To Her?

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