Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

A business plan is for the founder – it is a blue print.

An investor, in theory, does not need to see you plan – they want to see your results. They want to see your ability to carry out the plan.

A founder should focus on three parts at least:

  1. How do you prove that you will find buyer, even a single one?
  2. If you find a buyer, how do you amplify the company?
  3. If you have many sales, how can you make profits?

This is relation between the idea, the plan and the execution. The investor don’t care much about the idea, nor the plan – they want to see the execution.

The execution is the part where lives are sacrificed and tactics are drawn on the fly, despite the plan.


Why an Investor Don’t Care About Your Business Plan

By Nmg

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