Why obese men have lower sperm counts

Obese men

Obese men have lower sperm counts and poorer quality sperm than their normal-weight peers, according to a recent study.

The findings of the first report of abnormal sperm parameters in obese men based on computer aided sperm analysis suggest that clinicians may need to factor in paternal obesity prior to assisted reproduction.

In the study of 1285 men, obesity was associated with lower volume of semen, sperm count, concentration, and motility, as well as greater sperm defects.

“The health and reproductive performance of spermatozoa in obese men are more likely to be compromised both qualitatively and quantitatively,” said lead author Dr Gottumukkala Ramaraju.

“Results from our present dataset suggest that efforts focusing on male weight loss before conception are warranted for couples seeking infertility treatment,” added Ramaraju.

The study is published in journal Andrologia.

Why obese men have lower sperm counts

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